Monday, April 22, 2013

Nigeria: Money is there for #publictransit, just not vision "It is not because we cannot develop the metro due to paucity of fund as always insinuated by the government, but because we continuously misplace our priority, by placing in the fore what should be last, even if needed. Or, is it not in the same city that we have the National Stadium constructed at a very exorbitant inflated cost? Is it not the same city that hosted the All African Games with a very expansive games village, the CHOGM and not long ago the African First Ladies Summit with a very controversial and expensive African First ladies Peace Mission secretariat now being proposed? We can go on and on. On the other hand Malam el-Rufa'i could have had his short comings, but, the metro, or the on going light rail concept in Abuja development that was earlier abandoned, was not resuscitated until during his tenure. At least, that effort must be commended."

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